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 Hello to All

Thanks again for the wonderful evening, You made me feel so special and I am so Proud of myself for doing it totally on my own  and knowing I gave it a 110% in order  to have achieved my DIPLOMA in Cosmetic Science! How’s that!!. {I feel like a Science Professor!.} . Without  the guidance and advise from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists of South Africa, my colleague’s  and  my friends {which I have made a lot off}. And by attending most of the functions and Lectures evenings hosted by the Society,  I would not have been able to achieve this. It must sound fain, but to me this is such an achievement to be able to study and learn new things every day.


There is so much we all still need to learn and it is never too late!.  So many people  in the World don’t even have a book to read! When we get the opportunity to study we should grab it with both hands and persevere as the finish line will always be there! Even if it takes you longer. The knowledge I gained will always be with me  and by sharing it  with  my fellow students,  work colleague’s ,family, friends and even the public makes me feel proud and honored to be able to have studied with your organization.


Trust me it has been very difficult in many ways,  firstly not having a Science background and English being my second language I had a  lot of challenges and hurdles to overcome, words I could not even pronounce and still can’t!  repeatedly writing them out  50 times!  Starting my own Science dictionary with  simple explanation’s on the side,  Sitting in Lecture and not having the faintest idea what the lecturer is talking about, asking the most bazaar questions  even if it made me look  stupid and making the students  burst out with laughter, to me there is no such thing as a stupid question only a stupid answer. I never pretended to know all and always valued the information I got from all.   Working on a bubble bath practical and sitting for hours staring  at it waiting to see the Micelles but nothing happened – I saw none with my naked eye!!!.  Studying the current  weeks  Notes doing research on the  internet until the next lecture evening again, buying books, browsing the book shops which I have never done before and enjoy doing so now.


This course has changed my life in so many ways, the way I look at products on the shelf, reading the ingredient listing and thinking Ah I know what that is!!! Looking at the label, does the statements and information comply with the Cosmetic Legislation in SA? What type of plastic are they using? is it permeable will it be able to withstand all the elements,  Element which I only knew we get in an electric kettle!. My baby Note’s not knowing a ¼ of what I have learned from that unit when my kids was small { what a shame}  My previous employment was with the Media, they print all their own publications and others, I did a assignment on the Printing machines/ inks and paper used and mailed it to the Circulation Director, his words to me was “ Erica I think you need to come back and run our printing shop by night and  Finance by day”  That made me feel good and bad that I actually know what machines they use only now by  doing a Cosmetic Science course and not knowing it when I was employed by the company.


Sitting with my practical’s, assignments and projects thinking” I will never be able to do this” but in my heart I know that I will never give up, I have come too far to just leave everything , When  I got stuck with something I would focus on something else which I will understand and relate to much better and by going that route I will then have gained more insight of the difficult project/assignment or practical I have struggled with.  I would sometimes go into Panic mode and not concentrate on the actual question asked then loose valuable marks in giving the totally opposite answer. I have learnt to concentrate more on what I was reading and the more research and reading  I did the more I understood. Working with a scheduled timetable right from day one helped me tremendously and just doing that little extra,  it gained me a valuable piece of paper that reads Erica de Kock is now a qualified Cosmetic Scientist. And it feels Fantastic!!!!


We learn new things  everyday sometimes we just don’t take note or sometimes we just give up for no other reason than laziness! I cannot wait to do a higher Diploma in Cosmetic Science if it should one day happen to be available or to do the course over again in another life A 2 year course  may feel long but trust me it is not that long!


Again a Big Thank You to all {YOU all know who you are}  that made this possible for me to achieve this.



Erica de Kock (Received her Diploma 2010)




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